Ag Work Welcomes First Recruit

September 16, 2022

Youngest of 4 children she grew up on her family farm in ivy-bridge and has a huge amount of experience operating AG vehicles and working on a farm.  

After finishing school Ciara was keen to explore.

“The only place I’ve gone before now was Ireland- so yeah this is a pretty big adventure”

Even with her strong Ag background, getting a job in NZ wasn’t smooth sailing.

“I knew I wanted to come work in New Zealand- but it’s really hard to find a job from the other side of the world”  

One night she & her mother were researching New Zealand when they came across Ag Work NZ

“Ag Work just popped up on google and we thought that’s perfect, since then everything’s been smooth sailing.”

“Abi helped me through all my paperwork & booking flights, anytime I had a question about anything id just call her up and she talked me through it”

“Then Roz collected me at the airport and got me all setup, it couldn’t have been easier”

After landing in New Zealand Ciara spent 3 days in the Waikato where she attended the Ag Work induction course, got her bank acc & IRD number set up and started to acclimatize to New Zealand before heading to her work placement.

Ag Work NZ placed Ciara on a 400-cow dairy farm near Alexandra in the South Island.  

“I’m really looking forward to getting started and experiencing New Zealand Agriculture.”  

We can’t wait to see how the rest of Ciara’s New Zealand adventure goes- stay tuned for updates via our social media.